How do I view my parish bulletin?

If your parish has the bulletins available in the app, you will see a “Bulletins” button on the home screen.

Click on the “Bulletins” button to display available bulletins. Then tap the bulletin that you would like to view.*

*Android phones need to have a PDF viewer app installed to automatically open bulletins from myParish app (by default Android phones download the PDF file with Chrome but do not display it unless the file is tapped from your Downloads). Please follow the steps below to always immediately view your parish bulletins from myParish app:

  1. Download a PDF viewer app such as “Adobe Acrobat Viewer” from Google Play.
  2. Select a bulletin to view from the Bulletins button in myParish app.
  3. When prompted to choose an app to open the bulletin, select “Adobe Acrobat Viewer” and select ALWAYS.

Now your bulletins will always immediately open for viewing.