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Just A Short Suggestion

When creating content for myParish App, do you find yourself running out of space if you include a web address? Many times, we want to direct users to a website, but the actual web address can be long. What’s the solution?

It’s easy: use a link shortener! One of the most reliable is Bitly. It’s easy to use. For instance, the web address for the landing page of the Diocese of Grand Rapids is this: Pretty long. By using Bitly, you get this instead: That takes up far less space, and takes your reader to the same page.

Using a link shortener is just one short suggestion to help manage your app content.


Stumped For Content? Here’s An Idea Or Two

For myParish App administrators, we know it’s important to have good, up-to-date content for messaging and push notifications. But let’s face it: sometimes, it’s hard to think about anything original when you’ve got parishioners’ needs, bulletin deadlines and parking lot lights that need to be replaced, preferably under (really under!) budget.

Here are a couple of ideas for good content:

  • Do an app “Feature of the Week.” This doesn’t need to be anything fancy. For instance, you can point out that the app has confession times for your parish, and app users can set a reminder for themselves to go to confession. (Don’t forget: you can use the Features tab on our website to help craft a message.)
  • Remind your parishioners of your parish mission statement. Sure, it’s on the bulletin every week and on your website, but a reminder about who your parish is, the parish’s spiritual goals and direction is always great. You can also ask, “How are we doing as a parish? What can I do to help fulfill our mission?”
  • Thank your volunteers! If possible name them. Volunteers for coffee & cookies after Mass, people who usher or cantor, the folks that come early and stay late to set up chairs and tables and then take them down: they deserve our thanks and don’t get it often enough.

Remember, messaging and content on a regular basis is a terrific way to keep your parishioners coming back to the app again and again. A few minutes once a week to send out fresh content will certainly make myParish App a more valuable tool for your parish community.

think outside the box

myParish App: Think Outside The Box

myParish App isn’t just about the features you see on the screen. If you do a little creative thinking, you can use the app in some unique ways.

small town street

For instance, it’s easy to get stuck thinking about just our own parish. Here is Applandia, at Saint Alphege the Bald Catholic Church, we try and think about the universal church, as well. Here are some things we’ve done:

    • Consider a parish-wide novena using the app. Send the novena prayer as a daily message. (Need ideas for novenas? Check out this page.)
    • How much do you know about your parish’s patron saint? Send a message on the saint’s feast or send a message with a prayer for your patron’s intercession on a regular schedule (weekly, or monthly.)
    • Send a message with the Holy Father’s intentions on the first day of the month, and encourage parishioners to pray the Morning Offering for them. The Morning Offering can be found in the Prayers tab in the app, where prayers are listed alphabetically. (You can find the Holy Father’s monthly intentions here.)

With just a little effort, your parish community can use myParish App to stay connected to the world-wide Catholic community in prayer, and learn some new things as well.