Engage the New Evangelization
in your diocese, like never before.

Help Your Parishes Connect with Parishioners

With myParish App, parishes across your diocese now have a new, powerful tool to use to communicate easily with people wherever they are, any time of the week.

Parishes are able to engage parishioners via customized messages, events, and reminders. It’s a new way for parishes to interact with people and help build faith and community life—yet it fits seamlessly into the context of users’ daily experiences.

Using technology and new media, myParish app provides a context for a dioceses and parishes to engage parishioners regularly, evangelize, and ultimately strengthen the Church.

Communicate with Your Flock

As a diocese, you’ll have the ability to communicate directly to parishioners as well. Stronger parishes, a more unified diocese. This diocese-parishioner connection brings our family of faith closer by opening new channels of communication.

Some examples of which may include:

Custom messages from your Dioceses


Send messages to reinforce and build involvement in appeals to raise funds for ministries, programs or services at a diocesan level.

Evangelization Efforts

Offer encouraging reminders to parishioners across the diocese of the Church’s call to share the faith, and assist  your parishes in calling parishioners to greater involvement.

Personal Connection

Foster a greater sense of familiarity with your Bishop by sending personal and encouraging messages to everyone in your diocese throughout the year.

Discover more opportunities to give your Bishop a voice and grow the Faith in your diocese.

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Exclusive Introduction and Training Webinar(s) for Your Diocese

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