Our Story

Hope. Love. Vision. Joy. Promise. Life. Peace. Truth. Goodness. Beauty.

These words describe God’s Church. Each of these words speaks volumes of God’s Good News and the person of Christ, who gave humanity the best story ever told—and gave His Church the task of sharing that story.

This story touches the deepest needs of the human person. Yet, as of late, we have struggled to share the story where people are listening. The rapid pace of advancement in communications has left too many parishes in a different place than parishioners.

With myParish, Diocesan Publications has set out to establish a means of connecting parishes and parishioners, at the forefront of technology. The people with the best story should have the best means of communicating it. This is our goal. To be a bridge for parishes, and in effect, to foster Catholic Life Every Day.

To do this we set the bar at the top.

We aren’t just launching a new app. We are launching a new experience by which parishioners connect to parishes and vice versa.

A new and better experience involved breaking out of the mold and rethinking ease-of-use, accessibility, user interaction and customization in a way that allows technology to complement the user’s faith life.

This resulted in an app experience that is both new and familiar.

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