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Find parish contacts—all in one place.

Connect easily with your parish. myParish puts all contacts in one place. Location, phone numbers, email and website at the simple tap of a finger.



Simple and streamlined.

myParish makes it easy to find all the essential contact information for your parish community. Get directions, call or email with a single tap. No wasted time searching about for names, numbers and emails.


Trying to explain to a visitor how to get to your parish? Simply tap the directions icon next to the address to bring up the map. Want even more help? Tap “start” on your phone and GPS will show you the way.


Connecting with the parish office is now easier than ever. No more memorizing or need to search for numbers. Right when you need it, where you need it. Just open the app, tap the phone button and be connected to the parish.


Sometimes emailing is more convenient than calling. Tapping the email button in the app will open your phone’s email program and address the message for you. All you have to do is write and send.

Social Media

Seeing what the parish is sharing on social media couldn’t be easier. Stop hunting around for parish’s social addresses. Quick access to all the sites is now in one place. Just tap and view.


A simple, organized and helpful list of all the important parish contacts is now at your fingertips. Haven’t been sure who to contact at the parish when you have a need or question? There is no more need to guess. They are all listed with quick access via phone or email.

School Contacts

Parish schools are a vital component of parish life. So it is fitting to have easy communication to school staff as well. Administrators, teachers, and other staff are now only a tap away via email or phone with this handy list.

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