Beyond Targeted Communication

Parishioner mobile communication just got more relevant. Now you can push targeted notifications directly to specific groups of people, whether it’s for ministry, administration, or evangelization. What’s even more, your parishioners can contribute to parish life by starting discussions, commenting, or replying in the app, in effect engaging other parishioners and non-parishioners and growing your parish.

Flexibility Meets Privacy

Simply looking to send notifications to specific groups of parishioners? Groups can do that. Want to finish a discussion from an earlier meeting? Groups can do that. Need a way for your parish’s small groups, school, or ministry teams to connect throughout the week? Groups can do that too.

Whatever your parish’s communication needs, Groups has a solution that also respects the privacy of the group and allows moderators to know who is in the group.

Invite a


Inviting others to a parish group just got a whole lot easier. Know someone you’d like to invite to a group in your parish? Just tap “Invite a friend” from the Group in the app and send the invite via text message, email, social media, or any way your device allows.

Start a


Initiate a good discussion or simply ask a question. All the group members are immediately notified of a new discussion and can quickly comment or reply. Only your group sees the discussion. It’s natural and convenient, like when you meet AT your parish.

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