I am not receiving Group notifications, why not?

There are several things that need to be in place for Group notifications to work.  

  1. Are you signed into the myParish app with the same account that you joined the group with?
  2. Do you have notifications turned on within the phone settings for the myParish app?
  3. Do you have notifications turned on for the specific group within the myParish app “My Account” tab?
  4. Is your phone’s operating system up to date?  Check your phone settings for operating system updates.
  5. Is the myParish app up to date?  Check your app store for updates.
  6. Do you have a strong internet connection?  Check WiFi and Data.

How do I join a group?

Go into the Groups button of the myParish app and tap the Join button.  If you don’t already have an account you will be prompted to create an account.  Once you have an account your join request will be sent to the moderator of the Group.  The moderator will either accept or decline your join request.

When creating an account how do I change my birth year?

Different phones do this differently.  On many phones you will see a calendar with today’s date hi-lighted.  You will also see at the top of the display the year, day, and date.  You need to tap on the year and set the year FIRST.  Once the year is set you can easily change the month and day.

How do I access the Vigil readings on Saturday?

1)  While looking at the current reading you will notice a grey flag on the right side of your screen.
2)  Bookmark the reading by tapping the grey flag and turning it yellow.
3)  Once the reading is bookmarked you tap on the word “Bookmarks.”  This will bring up all of your bookmarked passages.
4)  Tap on the square to the right of the bookmarked passage.  This will take you to the USCCB website.
5)  You will see a small calendar on the right side of the screen.  You can choose any day that you want to view from this calendar.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password you must tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left of your screen, tap on “My Account,” tap on “Tap to Edit,”  type in your new password, and then tap “Save.”

Is the myParish app available for iPad?

Yes.  When searching for the myParish app in the app store you must switch from the iPad only store to the iPhone only store.  This switch is located at the top left of your iPad screen.

What features are in myParish?

There are many optional features available in the myParish app.  The following are the standard required buttons.  There may be other required buttons as specified in our diocese partnerships.

• Messages – Easily schedule and send messages to your parishioners to keep them up to date with what is going on in the parish. Parishioners can also respond to your messages within your app. Your messages history is also stored in the app for parishioners to reference.

• Calendar – Feature upcoming events by posting the details, time and location in the app calendar. Parishioners can RSVP, get directions, share and add your event to their personal calendar all right within your app.

• Readings – Daily Mass readings provided by the USCCB from the NAB(re) version of the bible.

• Groups –  A versatile and targeted communications platform for parishes and parishioners to easily connect on-the-go all week.

• News – The latest Catholic news from your parish or around the world (provided by the Catholic News Agency).

• Giving – Give your parishioners quick, easy access to all of your online giving platforms. If you currently don’t use an online giving solution, let us know and we can help you with that as well.

• Resources – Engage the support of your broader parish community while allowing parishioners to connect with businesses and organizations they trust. This helpful directory provides quick access to the contact info for products and services that help meet the needs of parishioners.

• Confession – Post available Confession times. Parishioners can set up a Next Confession reminder. Also included are are a how-to guide, examination of conscience, and act of contrition.

• Parish Info – All the important and helpful contacts at your parish are only a tap away with a directory of parish and/or school staff.

• Mass Times – List all Mass times for the week. Parishioners can select the Mass times that they usually attend, and with MassMode™ they can then receive time or location reminders to silence their phone before Mass.

•DiscoverMass – A convenient way for your parishioners to find Mass times around the country while traveling on business or vacation.

• Prayers – Full list of traditional Catholic prayers with the ability to set reminders for any of them for your own daily prayer time. Parishioners can also submit prayer requests to your parish.

• Bulletins – Provide the current and past bulletins for your parishioners to read while they are on the go. Diocesan & Trinity Publications bulletin customers will have their bulletin uploaded each week automatically for them.

• Homilies – Post weekly homilies for your parishioners to enjoy. Upload video, audio or text

What if my parish is not listed?

If you cannot find your parish listed when opening the myParish app, this means that your parish has not signed up to use myParish.

If you would like your parish to use the myParish app, complete the form below to recommend the App to them. You can also show them this video: myParish App Video

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How do I bookmark a reading?

When viewing the “Readings” page, tap on the grey flag to the right of the date to bookmark the reading.

When viewing the “Readings” page, tap at the top to view your bookmarked readings.

Then simply swipe to the left on the bookmarked reading that you would like to remove.  Tap the “delete” button that appears.