You can now favorite parishes within myParish app. Parishioners will never miss important messages from you, even if they visit a different parish. You can also have non-parishioners follow your parish as well. Everybody wins!

Swipe right &
favorite your parish.

The Many Reasons to Favorite

Parishioners of a church belonging to a cluster can favorite each parish. They will receive messages from each parish and can easily navigate between parishes with a single tap.
Many parishioners send their children to a Catholic school. If the school is not at their home parish, they can now favorite both their home parish and the school or associated parish.
Retired Catholics may have a home parish in the north and a home parish in the south. They can favorite both to stay up to date while they are away.
Catholics who attend Sunday mass at one parish, but frequent another parish throughout the week are now able to favorite each parish to stay informed about both communities.
Some people may have a parish they attend every time they visit their parents or children. They can favorite their family member’s parish as well as their own.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

We highly recommend you encourage parishioners to favorite your parish. We think it’s so important, we’ve created promotional material for you to use. Tap the link to download them all.

App users will need an account before they can add to their Favorites list. A user will be prompted to sign in or create an account if they are not already signed in. Creating an account is free and easy to do. If you need assistance, please out to our app team 1-800-997-8805.

Once you’ve opened your app, either swipe right or tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. The dashboard will move to the right and you will see your list under “My Parishes.”  By default, no parish is included in your list. To add a parish, simply tap the word “Favorite” in the upper right corner. To remove, tap the ‘X’ to the left of the parish you wish to remove.

For Apple users, iOS 10 or above is required. Unfortunately, because of newer technology, phones operating on iOS 9 or lower cannot upgrade to the newest version of myParish App.

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