Ready to Launch

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You are now ready to launch your new parish app!

Now that you have completed all the steps to prepare for your parish’s app launch (Setup, App Design, Training, and Launch Prep) you should be all set for Download Sunday. If you have any questions or want to bounce some of your ideas for Download Sunday off of us, please give us a call. We’d love to talk and share thoughts. Call 1-800-997-8805.

Post Launch

This is a good point to start thinking about a strategy for ongoing successful engagement of your parishioners via this new form of communication. (See step 4 of the App Launch Guide for a full checklist for post-launch tasks.)

  • How often are you going to send Messages?
  • How are you going to continue to publicize your app to get new users in the months to come?
  • Are you going to hold any other Launch Events?
  • How can you use the app to Evangelize?
  • If I get busy with other things, how will I continue to engage parishioners with the app?

Keep in Touch

Please remember to keep in touch with us and let us know how things are going with the app in your parish. We are in continuous development on the app to resolve bugs as technology evolves and add new functionality and features. We love to hear your thoughts!

Thank You Again!

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