Welcome to myParish App. Let’s Get Started.

There are five simple steps to getting your parish’s new app up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. Thank you for joining myParish!

First Some Basics

Please complete and submit all the details below to allow us to begin setting up your parish’s new app.

Parish Details
Parish Name
Parish Website
Parish LanguageThis is the primary language you will use in your App
Launch Kit LanguageBanners/Digital Kit/Printed Cards:
Estimated Number of Registered Parish Familiesyour full name
Launch Dateaka Download Sunday

Parish SHIPPING Address

Street Address
Cityyour full name
State / Province / Region
Zip / Postal Code

Bulletin Info

Please upload a COMPLETE PDF of a recent bulletin below. (Please include any ad pages.) Your bulletin will be used to help us populate your app with some basic info about your parish. Our team will offer businesses that are advertising on your bulletin the opportunity to support your parish's app as well and broaden their exposure with an interactive business listing in the Resources feature. Our team offers special rates to businesses that already support your bulletin!

Upload Bulletinupload
Upload Bulletin
App Administrator Info
First Nameyour first name
Last Nameyour last name
Your Phone Number

Password => A temporary password will be emailed to you. You will then be able to log into the Admin Portal, but you will be required to change your temporary password.


NEXT STEP: Special Features

Upon submission you will proceed to the Features page to select any special features you would like for your parish's app in addition to the default features.


A Special Bonus

In addition to the default features available in myParish app, we have partnered with some great organizations to make the following features available to your parish for FREE. You may also add a custom button to your app with content from a website using an RSS feed.

[[[["field4","equal_to","Add Custom Button"]],[["show_fields","field5"]],"and"],[[["field1","contains","img"],["field4","equal_to","Add Custom Button"]],[["show_fields","field14"],["show_fields","field7"],["show_fields","field8"],["show_fields","field9"],["show_fields","field10"],["show_fields","field12"],["show_fields","field11"]],"or"]]
Special Featuresoptional
Custom Button from RSS feedoptional
Website or RSS feed URL
Your Nameyour full name
Parish Name
Parish Zip / Postal Code

NEXT STEP: App Design

Upon submission you will proceed to the App Design page to begin customizing the look of your new app. With our "Do It Myself" App Designer you can give your app a look unique to your parish. Alternatively, you may submit an image to our designers for assistance with the design.


A Look All Yours

Design the background graphic for your parish’s app yourself, or let our designers help you through this process.
Please select which option you would like below, then proceed to upload an image.

Upload your own image and modify it to suit your parish’s preferences, then approve and submit it for integration in to your app.
If you prefer to have one of our graphic designers work with you to edit and modify your image, please upload your photo along with your parish information and contact person.

Step 1) Upload Image >

Tip 1: Colorful
You can modify the colors of any photo but having something with rich and vibrant colors to start with generally ends in a nicer looking image.

Tip 2: Easily Identifiable
Pick an image of something that people will easily recognize. This can be interior or exterior. The goal here is to have something parishioners will associate as being a part of your parish. Also, the image will be blurred, so do not select images with the intent of the user identifying details.

Tip 3: Vertical Orientation
Since smart phones and the app itself are designed to be taller than wide, starting with a tall portrait shape image works best. However, wide images can be cropped.

Tip 4: Image Blur
Blurring the image is a vital part of the app design for the ascetics as well as functionality. A soft background without edges or details is key to the app interface visibility and therefore ease of operation. So like it is stated in Tip 2, it is important to have an image that is recognizable even when blurred.

Step 2) Edit Image

Adjust the zoom, position and settings, or select a filter below and adjust the sliders to edit the how your image will appear.

Zoom & Position

Reposition the image below by clicking and dragging the image or using the zoom slider.











Preset Filters
Treasure Trove
Mountain Meadow
St. Paddy’s Day

Step 3) Approve Image

Once you are satisfied with your image as seen below for use as your app background, please approve and submit. Your app will be created within 3-5 days and you will be notified when it is ready to view. (NOTE: Your App Launch Kit will also contain a banner and graphics incorporating your app background image.)

If the image you have uploaded, as shown below, is the one you want our designers to modify for use as your parish’s app background, then please approve and submit below with the required info. (NOTE: Prior to submission of your image, please be sure to review the background image guidelines provided under Step 1, in order to minimize the turnaround time of creating your app.)

I approve this image for use as the app background image for our parish.

NEXT STEP: Training Upon submission of your App Design, our designers will review your design and will contact you for final approval of your app. Your next step is to watch the training videos in STEP 4. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-997-8805.

Become an App Expert

The following training videos will help you effectively administer your parish’s new app and use it to it’s full potential.

Part 1 : Overview (8 videos)
Estimated Length: 14 minutes

myParish App Overview

These short training videos are for parish teams that have signed up for myParish App and want an in-depth walk through of every feature of the App. Join us as we touch upon every button in the App to gain a better understanding of it’s unique capabilities.

Part 2 : Administration (8 videos)
Estimated Length: 46 minutes

These training videos are for parish app administrators that have signed up for myParish App and want to learn how administer the app. Join us as we discuss how to set-up your parish’s app. Learn basic configuration, how to add content, events and messages.

Part 3 : Launching (1 video)
Estimated Length: 25 minutes

Launching myParish App

This video is for parish app administrators that have signed up for myParish App and want to learn how to conduct a successful launch of your parish’s app.

Promote Your New App

Prepare for your parish’s “Download Sunday” app launch event in three easy steps!

Step 2) Graphics and Announcements

Find your parish’s custom digital promotional graphics and announcements below.
NOTE: Your kit may not be available until 1 business days after the approval of your background graphic.


Step 3) Big Shipment

We will be shipping you a big box with materials to complete your launch kit. This includes a beautiful 6½ ft. custom banner, t-shirts, stickers and more. Watch the mail!

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