Easy setup with myParish

1. Setup

2. App Design

myParish App Training

3. Training


myParish App Launch

4. Launch Prep

Time to Complete:
45 minutes (Training Part 1)
38 minutes (Training Part 2)

Now that you have completed the Setup and App Design portions of the app startup, the following training videos will help you effectively administer your parish’s new app and use it to it’s full potential.

Training Part 1 (1 video)
(Estimated Length: 45 minutes)

myParish App
Overview and Tour

This training video is for parish teams that have signed up for myParish App and want an in-depth walk through of every feature of the App. Join us as we touch upon every feature in the App to gain a better understanding of it’s unique capabilities.

Training Part 2 (6 videos)
(Estimated Length: 38 minutes)

myParish App

These training videos are for parish app administrators that have signed up for myParish App and want to learn how administer the app. Join us as we discuss how to set-up your parish’s app. Learn basic configuration, how to add content, events and messages.

Basic Configuration (11:11) – 1 of 6

Creating Messages (9:43) – 2 of 6

Creating Events (6:44) – 3 of 6

Adding Contacts (5:17) – 4 of 6

Adding Homilies & Uploading Bulletins (6:04) – 5 of 6

Adding Spanish Language Content (7:55) – 6 of 6

Training Complete

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