Daily Gospel Reflection for February 13, 2016

Today’s Gospel: Luke 5:27-32

I grew up in a neighborhood that consisted of row homes; today they call them town houses. There was a playground that was within walking distance of all the homes. When it was time for the kids to come home, parents would scream “Dennis! Time to come home!” (Or Kevin, Scott, etc.) If we were having a lot of fun we would ignore the first call and sometimes the second but if we were going someplace special or if the call was for a dinner that was our favorite we responded immediately.

As a kid we thanked our parents for taking us to that special place or that delicious meal but not so much for the normal less-tasty meal or the boring trip to the store. Maybe we even ignored our parents as we headed off to have fun with our friends.

Jesus calls us each day to follow Him. Many times we act like the kids who are having too much fun to respond to the first call. If life is going good we may even forget about Him. It is when our lives get oppressive and we desperately need His help that we immediately come to Him.


As adults, have we learned to be attentive to Jesus’ daily call for us to come to Him?


Lord Jesus, please give me the grace to hear you calling my name, so that I may better follow you in all the times of my life.


Copyright 2016 Dennis P. McGeehan

Dennis is blessed to be the husband of Susann, the father of eight children on Earth and one who returned to God before birth. He is a homeschooling dad, a martial artist, author, freelance writer and speaker. His latest book is The Diaries of Joseph and Mary. He blogs at warriorsworlddad.com.

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