Daily Gospel Reflection for March 1, 2016

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 18, 21-35

I am passive in conflicts. I take everything in and internalize, but don’t react physically or verbally when someone is upset with me or I with them. This leads to those feelings building up. I may be letting things slide, but I am not letting them go. This culminates into a large argument when I’ve hit my limit, which is what happened.

The resentment between us boiled over and we vented our frustrations loudly. After cooling down, I felt the need to apologize. Then I decided that I wanted to hold onto my spite. I felt justified in my anger. I may have been in the wrong, but that doesn’t make them right. So I went to sleep bitter and bruised.

I awoke wanting resolution and healing, but couldn’t bring myself to reach out. Then I read today’s Gospel. It was one of those times that I felt God giving me a love tap upside the head (à la NCIS).
Jesus answers Peter that he should forgive not seven times, but seventy-seven times. Seven is an important number in the bible. It signifies perfection and completeness (i.e. the number of days creation took). Therefore 77 times is Jesus being emphatic. Absolutely always forgive.

God in His love sent His son, Jesus, for the forgiveness of sins. He offers that grace and forgiveness to me always, through the Sacraments. I, therefore, need to offer that reconciliation as well. Through it we find healing. Through it we find peace.


What relationships in your life need healing? Who do you need to forgive?


Thank you, Lord, for your love and forgiveness. Holy Spirit, fill us with your charity, peace and generosity; Give us understanding in our relationships. Help us to forgive others from our hearts.


Copyright 2016 Brandon Christison

Born and raised Catholic, Brandon is a music minister in the Diocese of Fresno. In 2012 he released the album “Made for Jesus”. The first track “One” was played on Pandora over 1 million times in 2014. “Made for Jesus” debuted at #4 on the Catholic Music Countdown and reached #1 shortly thereafter. His website is MadeforJesus.com.

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