Daily Gospel Reflection for March 11, 2016 – Day of Abstinence

Today’s Gospel: John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30

The Gospel reading today challenges me to become a better witness of Christ’s love. Despite the danger (including death threats!) surrounding him, Jesus unapologetically travels to Jerusalem and begins to preach.

During a recent talk to elementary school children, I asked them, “When you hear the word ‘witness’, what do you think of?”

“A car accident!” was the first reply.

“Someone stealing something!” came next.

“Anyone have a more positive answer?” I questioned.

“How about a court case?” was the third answer.

“I guess that could go either way…”

After thanking the students for their answers, I said this: “Witnessing involves two parts. The first part is indeed seeing something with your own eyes, like a car accident or someone stealing something.

But the second part of being a witness means that you have to go out and tell someone what you saw. Otherwise, no one else will know!”

I challenge myself to be a better witness all the time. I see God’s marvelous works in so many ways, whether it be in my family and friends, in my relationships, or in my work in youth and young adult ministry.

But how often do I tell others about these marvelous works? What about the people who don’t know God? Or those who have a wavering belief in Him?

Today’s reading inspires me and encourages me to continue to share both Jesus’ story and MY story; that is how he is working in my life. And to be a better witness to my wife, my kids, my friends, and the youth and young adults I minister to and with.

I will be a witness by speaking out and stating the truth, just as Jesus did. The world needs to know about him and his love.


In what areas of your life can you be a better witness to Christ?


Lord Jesus, give me the strength and courage to be a witness of your love and mercy to everyone I encounter.


Copyright 2016 Clayton Imoo

Clay lives in beautiful Vancouver, BC with his wife and three children. He has served as the Director of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office of the Archdiocese of Vancouver for the past 13 years. He has spoken at numerous conferences and rallies locally, nationally, and internationally. He writes about family, faith, and the Vancouver Canucks at www.claytonimoo.com.

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