Daily Gospel Reflection for March 8, 2016


Today’s Gospel: John 5, 1-16

The question that Jesus asked of the beggar by the pool seemed like an easy one with an obvious answer: ‘Do you want to be well?’ Yet, instead of responding with an immediate “YES” after being lame for thirty-eight years, the man offered up excuses for why he was still sitting there. Clearly, Jesus was asking the question to reveal a deeper truth about his circumstance. Jesus will often do the same with us when we are seeking healing. In the midst of our seemingly unanswered prayers when we are steeped in our own misery, woundedness and weakness, we can imagine that Jesus might gently inquire “Do you want to be well?” In doing so, He may be asking:
Do you want to change or are you willing to be changed by God’s grace? Will you move out of the comfort zone and routine of your current situation and risk or reach for something better?
If wellness means a lifestyle change, will you embrace the challenge of self-care; taking responsibility and exercising the good judgment and discipline that might be required to maintain it?
Are you willing to trust in God’s healing? Can you let go of your grudges, pain, or a sense of entitlement to your wounds?
Are you ready to relinquish the role of victim?
Jesus doesn’t just want to heal us on the surface, but He wants to go deeper to set us free from all that binds us. To do so, we need to cooperate with His grace and answer His questions in prayer at the heart level.


What is getting in the way of your healing?


Holy Spirit, enlighten me and unburden my heart of all that keeps me from being completely well in mind body and soul. Amen.


Copyright 2016 Anne Costa

Anne Costa is a Catholic author, inspirational speaker and spiritual mentor. She is Michael’s wife and Mary Grace’s mom and active in promoting the teachings and spirituality of St. Edith Stein and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through Mary.

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