myParish App Log and Updates

New Online App Log for Administrators

Capptain’s Log

In an effort to make all updates and app administrator communications available together in one easily accessible location. We are happy to introduce the Capptain’s Log! All administrators will still receive our helpful emails with details about app version updates and ideas and tips but with the added bonus of being able to access a complete archive of the information at


App Version Updates 2.2-2.4

News • Bulletins • Analytics • and More

Over the last few months we have been very busy. We have been pushing out some exciting app and app admin updates. We celebrated the one year anniversary of the national release of myParish app with conferences in Chicago and Silicon Valley, and we have been doing a lot of future planning for app development. Things are going very well with a lot of exciting things to come!

Some of the biggest releases this fall have included an improved News button, a more robust bulletin upload feature, and the introduction of app analytics for each parish. The updated News button now offers a beautiful and much more user friendly experience. Featured images along with capabilities for inline video and photos where available present a more well rounded reading experience. We will soon be posting more details on the new bulletin upload feature, app analytics, and more exciting updates. Watch for these in the coming days.

NOTE: With the release of new versions it is always good to remind your parishioners to update the app on their devices. Many iPhone and Android phones now update apps automatically, but it is a good idea to remind your parishioners to check for an update on their phone, just in case they have an older device. Keeping the apps on your phone up-to-date always makes for a better parishioner experience!

Monthly Update Reminder

The myParish app team is focused on offering the best solution for parishes to connect with their parishioners and for parishioners to engage Catholic Life Every Day. As such, we are continuously developing and improving myParish App. Every month we release an update to the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android), and along with each app update is an update to the Admin Portal. Since web browsers cache (remember) information on web pages in order to open more quickly when revisiting a site, changes to web pages may not be immediately visible to the viewer.

To ensure that you can always see changes to the Admin Portal when managing your app, please remember to “force refresh” the page when new app updates are released or once per month. You can do a force refresh on your browser by using one of the following keyboard combinations:

Windows: Ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Command + R
read more about browser caching
If you have any questions about this, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-997-8805.



Latest Improvements

App Improvements

  • New and improved News Feature (check out the article photos)
  • Event end times now available
  • More Prayers
  • Added support for devices without GPS
  • Advent Reflections button

Admin Improvements

  • Improved bulletin upload functionality
  • Upload the last six bulletins instead of just the last six weeks
  • Upload bulletins any day of the week
  • Detailed app usage Analytics for each parish

We are currently in development of a very exciting feature and will be making an announcement about it in the next couple months. We appreciate all of your suggestions. This feedback allows us to continue helping parishes and parishioners connect like never before.