Get Them Back to Church

It’s been a little over two years since the world “stopped” due to Covid. In recent months we are seeing things start to turn around. The plan of the Church is to get people back to Mass as a community. With Palm Sunday this weekend, Holy Week and Easter next week, here are some suggestions to share with your parishioners.

As my colleague, Arthur Richardson, stated in a recent Diocesan podcast, people are hurting, we are broken, and the Church is a place for healing. Fellowship between family, friends, and other parishioners is a key component to that healing. Reminding parishioners to come back can be communicated in a number of ways. Depending on budgets and staff time, a call or post card, or even an email to parishioners who haven’t been there ‘live’ is a thoughtful reminder that they are missed. 

Another parish suggestion is to pass around note cards this Sunday, or as soon as time allows, and ask parishioners for names and contact information for someone that might enjoy attending Mass at your parish for Easter or anytime.

Invite parishioners to tell their Catholic faith story, and if they are willing, add it to the testimonial page of your website or social pages. It might just be the little something that another person needs to hear. Oftentimes, your Catholic life could be strengthened by another’s testimony.

In closing, it’s important to keep your social media, myParish app, Evangelus, and websites up to date, but especially during holidays when families are traveling and are looking for Mass times and activities at your parish. 

At Diocesan, we hope these ideas to get your community members back in the pews will help.

Our Blessings to you for a beautiful Easter.
Let Easter be YOUR time for change and renewal.