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Embracing Technology for the Glory of God

Pew research reports that 95% of all Americans own a cell phone of some kind. The share of Americans that own smartphones are now 77%, up from just 35% in Pew Research Center’s first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011. Half of all Americans own a tablet. One-in-five Americans are now ‘smartphone only’ internet users at home. There is a growing need to meet people where they are at 24/7.

As Catholic evangelists, it is necessary to use all forms of social media. If you have yet to delve into Catholic communications via technology here is a little breakdown to get you started

If this is a bit overwhelming, don’t despair— we are here to help!

myParish App can help you share the beauty of our Catholic faith in 3 simple ways.

  • MESSAGE button – Share the message of the Sunday homily during the week.
  • POPE’s MSG button – Share a parish-wide message directing parishioners to the Pope’s Message of the Day.
  • INSPIRE DAILY button – Provides your parishioners with short daily reflections on the readings of the day.
For more great ideas check out this great article written by Sherry Hayes-Pierce:
 “Five things every parish should post on social media.”

The social media landscape is parched for the joy of the Good News–the living water of God’s love and mercy! Come join us!

New GROUPS Features for myParish App

App administrators check out the new features in GROUPS.

  • Join Access – CLOSED / OPEN - Choose join access open and anyone can join, no approval needed. Choose join access closed and all new join requests must be approved by moderators.
  • Visibility – PRIVATE / PUBLIC – Choose private and your active group will be visible only to those in the group. Choose public and the group will be visible to all.
  • Commenting – OFF / ON – Choose off and you have one-way communication. Choose on for group discussions.
  • Activation – DEACTIVATED / ACTIVATED – Choose deactivate for groups that are seasonal. Choose reactivate when you are ready to get going again!

Watch a short video highlighting these features.

⚔️ Fight the Good Fight

St. Michael, the Archangel, appears in the book of Revelation where he leads the armies of God in battle against the forces of evil.

“Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.”  Revelation 12:7-8

Michael is Hebrew for “Who is like unto God,” He is typically depicted with a sword, scales, banner, and an incumbent dragon. He is a symbol of victory over evil; a reminder that we Christians will always struggle with the forces of evil in the world.

The Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel is an abbreviated version of a prayer written by Pope Leo XIII (1810 -1903). He composed it after a frightening vision of the attacks on the Church. Prior to Vatican II, the prayer was commonly said at the conclusion of all daily Masses. In 1994, Blessed John Paul II recommended we bring the prayer back into regular practice to strengthen the Church.

Attacks on the Church … a need to strengthen the Church … sound at all familiar?

Use myParish App messaging to inform and inspire.

Check out the sample messages below encouraging users to pray the St. Michael prayer.

Pray with us! 🙏
St. Michael, the Archangel, appears in the book of Revelation where he leads the armies of God in battle against the forces of evil.

“Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.”  Revelation 12:7-8

Join us in the war against Satan, tap the PRAYERS button, set a reminder to pray the St. Michael prayer daily.

From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, Satan knew he had a new enemy and has since organized and prepared his troops for 2000 years in attempt to destroy Christ’s Church.

The powers of Satan’s destruction are manifest everywhere. But Jesus Christ promises victory over evil — His power, mercy, and grace will overcome. But we must do our part. Our Church needs strengthening.

Tap on the PRAYERS button, find the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, set a reminder to pray daily and join us in the battle against Satan.   🙏


myParish App has been configured for over 3000 Catholic Parishes. A common question we are asked is “Why are the buttons ordered the way they are?”

We have great reasoning on why the buttons are ordered in a certain way. Below is some research behind our decisions.

What buttons are being used most?
From google analytics we learn which buttons have the highest rate of use. Here is the order as of July 2018:

  1. Messages
  2. Readings
  3. Prayers
  4. Bulletin
  5. Calendar
  6. News
  7. Confession
  8. Mass Times
  9. Parish Info
  10. Groups
  11. Inspire Daily
  12. Homilies
  13. Giving
  14. Discover Mass

How do people hold and operate their phones?
Next we wanted to know where it is most advantageous for parishioners to have the most commonly used buttons located.

Scouring the internet for research regarding how people hold and use their phone we found some nifty stuff.  It is most common for people to hold their phone with their left hand and tap it with their right hand. Also, we found that it is very common for people to hold and operate their phones with just one hand.

Marketing studies suggest on a page or screen where all things are equal, that people tend to start skimming at the top left, move to the top right, and then move diagonally to the bottom left.

Therefore we wanted to know the best place to put the buttons that are used most. Research suggested something along the lines of this image.

All Things Considered
After looking at the research and evaluating parishioners use, each button on the home screen is in a favorable location to be explored.

Discover Something New
Invite parishioners, through push notification messaging, to tour buttons that are low on the list of hits. There is always something new to discover!  

It’s Conference Season!

We are proud to announce that myParish App is the official app of Steubenville Conferences. Over 23,000 people have used the conference apps and we still have a few events to go.

Members of your parish may have attended a Steubenville Conference, you can help them dive deeper into faith throughout the year. Watch this quick video to learn how to favorite the conference app and easily switch back to your parish app.

myParish App REFRESH

Do you want more downloads, parishioner connectivity and a developed strategy for church communication using the app?

Mobility is a must, and around 85% of the consumer market have indicated a preference for apps over mobile websites. It is interesting to consider where these technologies are going, but one certainty is that they are here to stay.

Now is a good time to have our experts on the myParish App team take a look at your app and guide you through a REFRESH.

Together let’s take your app to the next level and discuss:

  1.  Ongoing promotions
  2. The user experience
  3. Tailoring the App to your parish
  4. Communicating effectively
  5. Taking advantage of the latest technology

Call our team to schedule a REFRESH

REFRESH with an App Specialist is free

New Daily Content In Your App!

You may have noticed a change that has happened in your app recently. If you had the “Living the Good News” button, it is now upgraded to “Inspire Daily.”

We are so excited about this new program! This button will give you and your parishioners access to daily reflections, starting on May 1st, on the readings of the day. These reflections come from some of the best Catholic bloggers in America. We are partnering with Catholic teachers, priests, seminarians, the Daughters of St. Paul and so many more great bloggers to bring you the best Catholic content on a daily basis.


If you want to add “Inspire Daily” and other great buttons to your app, visit our ADMIN RESOURCE CENTER.

Do Your Parishioners Have a Favorite Parish?


You can now favorite parishes within myParish app. Parishioners will never miss important messages from you, even if they visit a different parish. You can also have non-parishioners follow your parish as well. Everybody wins!


We highly recommend you encourage parishioners to favorite your parish. We think it’s so important, we’ve created promotional material for you to use. Tap the link to download them all.


Prepare for Easter Sunday

App Tips to Prepare for Easter


Create a GROUP for RCIA candidates as they enter into mystagogy.


Encourage use of the Daily Readings.
Here is a sample message:
Read your way through Holy Week — Jesus from Cross to Crown
Tap the READINGS button and follow the Lectionary for appointed readings for each day of Holy Week.


The BEST, BEST, BEST message is one that is from the parish priest. Push a message from Father around 3:00 pm on Easter Sunday.


Add Holy Week Confession & Mass Times to the Admin Portal.  Update 3.13 allows content to update quicker when changes are made.


As guests move throughout the building during Lent and Easter, be sure to have download cards and myParish App banner in accessible and visible locations.

Something cool we discovered, take your iPhone (sorry Android users) and open the Camera on the phone. Place the camera over the QR code on the banner and viola! The phone installs the app or moves to your parish app instantly, how easy! You do not need a QR reader or take a picture, simply hold the camera over the QR code.


Catechize and inform parishioners through messaging of the services before Holy Week. Include video links in the message.

Two of Susie’s picks:

Ascension Presents with Fr. Schmitz

Busted Halo | Holy Week in Two Minutes

Prepare the Way!

+ myParish App Team