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Add Prayer to Your Workspace

The busy days of fall are upon us. This is a good time to remind ourselves as an app admin, as well as our parishioners to take the time to make sure our offices are a sacred space. By doing so we can intentionally bless all those whose names and lives we touch (literally) through our workspace and fingertips: at the door, at our computer, over the phone, or through our writing. Maybe there’s a place for a prayer board in your office, or keep your own individual one to be sure to pray for those in need each day.  It’s time to rededicate our work space to be an extension of prayer for each and every one with whom we come in contact, in every moment of every day.   

Remind parishioners through messaging that there are several great prayers available in the myParish app for those times you feel moved to offer a specific prayer for one of your parishioners or co-workers. The prayers also come in handy when praying in a large group. Each person has access to the same wording and all can actively participate.

There is a nice little prayer service from Catholic News Agency with blessings for an office, shop or factory that can also be shared with your parishioners.

Again, remind parishioners that all of these aspects of Catholic life and more can be found in your myParish app. May it lead to an experience of our faith, just a fingertip away.

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