Resolutions & Praying for 2024

I believe that we are all ready to move forward with a fresh outlook and new beginnings for 2024. In our Church community, it’s important to channel messaging and communications based on what parishioners have available to them – the bulletin, email, myParish App, Evangelus, social media, or all of these.  This past Advent and Christmas, the App offered Advent and Christmas Reflections as well as backgrounds that parishioners have found helpful and enjoyable. Similar Reflections are offered for the Lenten Season that begins February 14 for 2024, so encourage your parishioners to use the App if not already doing so. Effective communication can work hand in hand with these tools.

If one of your goals would be to improve the timeliness and quality of the information to your parishioners, then how is the current communication process in your parish? In your role as the App administrator, try sharing meaningful messages with your parishioners that keep them engaged, strengthen their faith, give newfound ways to use the app, and share it with others. Keep goals concise and attainable. Here are a few you might want to share:

  1.  Relaunch the app
    1. Use the bulletin and promo materials to reintroduce the app to the parish
    2. Announce the app during Mass announcements
    3. Have a team of volunteers ready to help people install the app
    4. Make sure the download link is readily available on your website
  2.  Commit to sending at least two or three messages per week through the app
    1. Send informational messages
    2. Send inspirational messages
  3. Contact the myParish app customer support team and do an app refresh
    1. An app expert will look over your app and make suggestions on how to improve it
    2. Consider changing your background to something new after the Season
  4. Make sure you are using your custom download link
    1. Website
    2. Signature line of emails
    3. Facebook
    4. Personal invitations to download the app via email or text
    5. Create a custom QR code
    6. Are you using Evangelus? 
  5. New and custom buttons
    1. YouTube
    2. Facebook Mass Videos
    3. RSS feeds
  6. Review and add or subtract administrators
  7. Purchase a new myParish app banner and stand
  8. Update your staff directory, confession times, and Mass times as needed


From all of us at Diocesan, we wish you a Happy & Healthy 2024. God Bless.