Prepare For Holy Week

As we quickly approach Holy Week, there are many recommendations that you can share with your parishioners to engage them.

  • Encourage the use of the daily readings from the App. Often, just a reminder that they are there will guide them. Suggest reading their way through Holy Week — Jesus from Cross to Crown, all with a tap of the readings button.
  • The best message is one that is from the parish priest. Have him write a brief message and have it sent to your App messages on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.
  • Add Holy Week Confession & Mass Times to messages. Also, inform parishioners through messaging of the other services and times during Holy Week.
  • Suggest that parishioners use reminders on the App
  • As families move throughout the building during Lent and Easter, be sure to use cards and myParish App banners if you have them.
  • On Palm Sunday and throughout the week, encourage parishioners to invite family members, friends, and neighbors — especially those who have strayed from the Church the last few years, to come to church with you for the Easter Vigil or for Mass on Easter morning.
  • Remind parishioners of the Lent Reflections and videos currently on the App.
  • Check out these additional Holy Week  resources

Since the beginning of Christianity, the week beginning with Palm Sunday and ending on Easter has been sacred because it commemorates the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


From all of us at Diocesan, we wish you a Blessed Easter Season.
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