Work Smarter Not Harder!

Your App must be integrated in all aspects of your parish communications. Why?

The Rule of 7. The marketing rule of seven states that a person must see a message 7 times before they will take action. The myParish App was built for Catholic parishes, designed for YOUR parish to engage your parishioners in their Catholic life everyday!

Follow these simple guidelines to get great results!

On your Website:  Section off part of your site exclusively for the App, or, have pop-up page display whenever someone visits your site.

In your emails: Any email that is sent out, whether it be from the parish office, your newsletter or even a payment confirmation email, should include a footer with one line advertising your App. Include details such as what can be accomplished through the App and a link redirecting towards the download page. Emails not including App information is a missed opportunity.

Twitter or Facebook presence: Promote your App here as well. A simple banner with the name of your app and where to find it is all you need.

Want to encourage ongoing App downloads? Place promo cards in the vestibule or parish office, verbal pulpit announcements, or a bulletin article informing the parish that you have a mobile App. This may be new information or a reminder that the App is available to keep them connected with parish and catholic life everyday.