Time for an App Refresh? 

You’ve been using myParish app for a while now–and you’re accustomed to sending messages, setting up groups, and encouraging your parish to use the app. But, how well is your parish using the myParish app? 

The summer is a great time to set up an App Refresh. You can go to the myParish App Admin Resource Center (here’s the link: https://myparishapp.com/apptools/) and find a wealth of information from short, how-to videos to frequently asked questions for both app administrators and parishioners that can spark new ideas. 

Another option is to contact our team of App Experts for an App Refresh. They will review your app and give you constructive ideas to help enliven the use of the myParish app at your church. 

You can send an email to sign up for an AppRefresh or request other assistance at support.myparishapp.com.

Or hey, give us a call. Sometimes dialoguing with us will lead you to think of things you might not have considered before, or clarify an issue you weren’t quite sure of.  By calling 1-800-997-8805, you can speak directly with our Customer Care team (9am-5pm EDT). We are always happy to chat and to assist you with bringing an experience of Catholic life every day to your parishioners with myParish App. And remember, behind every phone is a person.