“Summer Outreach..It is what Jesus would do”

Ahh, it’s finally summer! After a pandemic, shutdowns, and restrictions, life is loosening up and becoming somewhat normal. Late June/early July is a time to relax, refresh and renew both personally and spiritually. Help your parishioners stay connected to their faith community this summer. Faith formation does not always have to take place within the parish. While they’re at a picnic with friends, a day at the beach, riding bikes in the park, or waiting for an appointment, the myParish app gives your parishioners quick access to many aspects of Catholic life every day. Encourage them to give it a try!

One-touch takes them to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) readings of the day. Another and they will find prayers in the Prayer button. Catching up on the news is a snap for them by touching the News button. There are interesting articles that they will find from the Catholic News Agency. If they are looking for someone to share a rosary,  they can tap the Rosary button and hear the soothing voice of Fr. John Riccardo. And, they can take a moment for a quick read by clicking the Inspire Daily light bulb and finding daily blogs from Catholic writers based on the day’s readings.

There are many button options to choose from. Is there a topic or link that you would like to expand on for your parishioners? Give us a call to see if a custom button would work for your parish.

Communicate to them if they need to find a church while traveling this summer, the myParish App is the perfect tool to turn to. Tap the three lines in the upper left-hand corner while on the myParish app. Then type in the zip code of your destination where it says Find a Parish. In seconds they will see the closest 10 parishes to that location using the app. If they don’t know the zip code, have them touch the Discover Mass button and enter a city name and state. When you send more messages, highlight one of these many great ways to utilize myParish App.

All these aspects of Catholic life and more can be found in your myParish app. Share with your parishioners. They will appreciate it. May it allow them an experience of our faith, just a touch away. Catholic life every day.

Join us, Thursday, July 1 at 1:00 pm to discuss practical ways to evangelize over the summer. Interaction, personalization, and experience matter.

We continue to improve the ease and accessibility of myParish App for everyone. We are always happy to chat and to assist you with bringing an experience of Catholic life every day to your parishioners with myParish App.