We Listened – You Win!

myParish App has been serving the communication needs of many Catholic churches for quite some time. Mobility is a must, and approximately 85% of the consumer market has indicated a preference for apps over mobile websites. It is interesting to consider where these technologies are going, but one certainty is that they are here to stay.

Over time we continue to make enhancements that offer better usability. Last year, with churches closed, the app experienced extremely high usage. Since then we have been compiling a list of suggestions from you. Check out some of our new features for both you, the admin, and your parishioners.

  • Text Size – With this popular feature, you can now change the text size from small to medium, to large all within the menu of the app.
  • Language – You can change the language from English to Spanish from the menu of the app. No longer do you need to go to the phone settings to change the app language.
  • Admin Analytics – We recently introduced our new analytics platform. And we are already making changes and updates to make it even more valuable.  We are adding the ability to view the number of clicks on a given button by day, week, or month.

Great news! Join Marc Wadaga with the Diocesan Customer Care team on Thursday, May 20 at 1:00 pm EST for a webinar. He will cover and answer questions about these new features.

We continue to improve the ease and accessibility of myParish App for everyone. We are always happy to chat and to assist you with bringing an experience of Catholic life every day to your parishioners with myParish App.