Ministries, Messages, and Groups for Parishioners

Pew research reports that 97% of all Americans own a cell phone with 85% of that number being smartphone users. And that’s up from 77% in recent years. Worldwide, cell phone usage is 83.72%.  Again, referring to Pew Research Center’s survey. The need continues to grow and most people depend on their phones for daily communication.

myParish App can help you share the beauty of our Catholic faith in 3 simple ways right from our phones with your parishioners.

  • MESSAGE button – Share messages such as pot luck dinners, a fish fry, Christmas program info, and even cancelation and rescheduling of events .
  • MINISTRIES buttons – Many of these you will find using the GROUP button. Outreach, prayer chains,  mom’s support groups,  etc.
  • GROUPS button – Provides your parishioners with  groups that they can join on the app.

As Catholic evangelists, and we continue to reach our parishioners, it is necessary to use all forms of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and of course myParish, are just a few of the platforms we can use to increase communication using technology.
If you have questions about any of these popular options, please don’t hesitate to let us know—we are here to help!

Social media, used wisely, can share the joy of the Good News.
Catholic Life Every Day.