Button, Button, We Have New Buttons

myParish App isn’t just about the features you see on the screen. If you do a little creative thinking, you and your parishioners can use the app in some unique ways.

There are a couple of new buttons and a custom option that would be inspiring for your parishioners. For instance, two new buttons were shared in our recent podcast.

    • Consider having the Eucharistic Miracles button added to your app. Click this link for a list of Miracles from all over the world. This button can be added to your parish’s app for easy access for your parishioners.
    • Purpose, connection, peace—these desires are written on our hearts for a reason. The answer lies at the very center of our faith: the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  This Revival button will link to the National Eucharistic Revival YouTube channel to give your parishioners another source in expanding their faith journey.
    • How much do your parishioners know about your parish’s patron saint? If you have information about your patron saint on your website, that could easily be linked to your Parish Info button. In addition, you could send a message on the saint’s feast or send a message with a prayer for your patron’s intercession on a regular schedule (weekly, or monthly.)

With just a little effort, your parish community can use myParish App to stay connected to the world-wide Catholic community in prayer, and learn some new things as well. For questions or details on adding these buttons, email myparishapp@diocesan.com

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