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Promote Your New App

Prepare for your parish’s “Download Sunday” app launch event in 1•2•3 easy steps!

Step 2) Graphics and Announcements

Find your parish’s custom digital promotional graphics and announcements below.
NOTE: Your kit may not be available until 1 business days after the approval of your background graphic.


Step 3) Big Shipment

We will be shipping you a big box with materials to complete your launch kit. This includes t-shirts, stickers and more. Watch the mail!

New and Special Features

Freshen up your parish’s app with new content for the season, or something from one of our partners.


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Updates from our Blog

Tips, tricks, news, and helpful content from the myParish App Team.

Messages Help Parishioners Engage

Messages Help Parishioners Engage

As an App Admin, we encourage you to use messaging for your parishioners. Messages are one of the most valuable assets of using the app. And there's not a better ... Read More
Look What Our App Can Do!

Look What Our App Can Do!

Promoting app features is a great way to keep people engaged in using the myParish App. Here are a couple of ideas:
  • Touch the windowpane (four boxes) icon in ... Read More
Prepare For Holy Week

Prepare For Holy Week

As we quickly approach Holy Week, there are many recommendations that you can share with your parishioners to engage them.
  • Encourage the use of the daily readings from the ... Read More
Praying for 2023

Praying for 2023

I believe that we are all ready to move forward with a fresh outlook and new beginnings for 2023. In our church community, it’s important to channel messaging and communications ... Read More
Button, Button, We Have New Buttons

Button, Button, We Have New Buttons

myParish App isn't just about the features you see on the screen. If you do a little creative thinking, you and your parishioners can use the app in some unique ways. There ... Read More
Ministries, Messages, and Groups for Parishioners

Ministries, Messages, and Groups for Parishioners

Pew research reports that 97% of all Americans own a cell phone with 85% of that number being smartphone users. And that's up from 77% in recent years. Worldwide, cell ... Read More
Relax, Refresh, and Renew

Relax, Refresh, and Renew

Summer typically signals a time to slow down. As an app administrator, here are some thoughts that you can share with your parishioners as they relax, refresh and renew both ... Read More

myParish App Gear

Want to launch “Groups” or just need extra gear?
We got you covered.

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$14  $9

Message Ideas

Plan ahead for the week (or month) with FREE pre-composed app messages from Diocesan.


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